The definition of 'infiniter' & the word 'infiniter' in example sentences or phrases

having no limits or boundaries in time or space or extent or magnitude
  1. the infinite ingenuity of man
  2. infinite wealth
of verbs; having neither person nor number nor mood (as a participle or gerund or infinitive)
  1. infinite verb form
Adjective satellite
too numerous to be counted
  1. incalculable riches
  2. countless hours
  3. an infinite number of reasons
  4. innumerable difficulties
  5. the multitudinous seas
  6. myriad stars
  7. untold thousands
total and all-embracing
  1. God's infinite wisdom

Synonyms of the word 'infiniter' & Antonyms of the word 'infiniter'.

Synonymsinfinite, infinite, non-finite,
Antonymsfinite, finite,
Adjective satellite
Synonymsunnumerable, unnumbered, multitudinous, uncounted, innumerous, unnumberable, myriad, countless, numberless, infinite, innumerable, infinite,