The definition of 'orderes' & the word 'orderes' in example sentences or phrases

give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority
  1. I said to him to go home
  2. She ordered him to do the shopping
  3. The mother told the child to get dressed
make a request for something
  1. Order me some flowers
  2. order a work stoppage
issue commands or orders for
bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations
  1. We cannot regulate the way people dress
  2. This town likes to regulate
bring order to or into
  1. Order these files
place in a certain order
  1. order the photos chronologically
appoint to a clerical posts
  1. he was ordained in the Church
arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events
  1. arrange my schedule
  2. set up one's life
  3. I put these memories with those of bygone times
assign a rank or rating to
  1. how would you rank these students?
  2. The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide

Synonyms of the word 'orderes' & Antonyms of the word 'orderes'.

Synonymsorder, tell, say, enjoin, order, order, prescribe, dictate, regularize, order, govern, regulate, regularise, order, order, ordinate, order, ordain, consecrate, order, arrange, put, set up, range, order, rate, place, grade, rank,
Antonymsderegulate, disorder,