The definition of 'winings' & the word 'winings' in example sentences or phrases

drink wine
treat to wine
  1. Our relatives in Italy wined and dined us for a week
be the winner in a contest or competition; be victorious
  1. He won the Gold Medal in skating
  2. Our home team won
  3. Win the game
win something through one's efforts
  1. I acquired a passing knowledge of Chinese
  2. Gain an understanding of international finance
obtain advantages, such as points, etc.
  1. The home team was gaining ground
  2. After defeating the Knicks, the Blazers pulled ahead of the Lakers in the battle for the number-one playoff berth in the Western Conference
attain success or reach a desired goal
  1. The enterprise succeeded
  2. We succeeded in getting tickets to the show
  3. she struggled to overcome her handicap and won

Synonyms of the word 'winings' & Antonyms of the word 'winings'.

Synonymswine, wine, win, win, gain, acquire, win, advance, make headway, gain ground, get ahead, gain, pull ahead, succeed, come through, bring home the bacon, deliver the goods, win,
Antonymslose, lose, fall_back, fail,