About YThi

YThi.net is a non-profit online service that helps users to improve their English with real English conversation. YThi.net gets real English conversations from Youtube and organizes them based on their meaning.

Videos can be some of the best resources for learning English. You hear how the words are spoken, helping you to improve your pronunciation and your listening skills. At the same time, you can see the words or images related to them on screen, which is perfect if you are a “visual” learner – someone who remembers things better with pictures.

YouTube is a very popular, free resource for videos and there are tons of different videos to help you learn English. If you do want to improve your English language skills in a quick and easy way, then YouTube is your friend. The videos also improve your listening skills and understanding of how people talk and interact, something you can’t authentically grasp from the pages of a textbook.

What does YThi mean?

YT is the abbreviation for Youtube.

hi is one of the simplest English words. Used as a friendly greeting or to attract attention. It’s almost always the first English word we learn to say.

So YThi means use Youtube to learn English easily. in other words, it means Youtube Hi! or Hi, Youtube!

Why should we learn real conversational English?

Let’s have a look at this conversation below:
A. Hello, how are you today? I hope you’re doing well.
B. Hey man, what’s up? Everything good with you?

The first sentence is what you might learn in an English classroom. This is a proper way to greet someone, perfectly grammatically correct. But People don’t always speak so “properly”!

The second sentence above is closer to what you might actually hear people say. You might have noticed this difference already, through reading English books or watching English TV and movies. The language used by regular people isn’t always the same as the language you learn in a classroom or from a textbook. The speech people use when they talk to one another casually (informally) is called conversational English.

Due to help you learn it, we’ve put out an excellent way to learn conversational English. With Youtube videos, we can learn that how to use and pronounce each English word in conversational English.

The difference between written and oral English.

English conversation vocabulary is much more casual. In English, this means we use more words of Saxon or Old English origin during a conversation.

The difference between conversation and more formal English is one reason that even “advanced” students have difficulty with everyday conversations.

As we’ve seen, the problem is that students learn more formal English in school. Formal English tends to use more words of French and Latin origin. This kind of English is, in fact, much easier for students who speak Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, or French. These students often do quite well when reading English but have a lot of trouble understanding “normal” speech.

So, if you want to communicate with native speakers it’s very important to learn English conversation – not just what you learn in books and textbooks.

To learn conversation, you must listen to more casual English and you must learn to understand the different vocabulary and patterns used in normal speech.

You learned school English, you learned textbook English, and you learned them both well – but this is why you can’t understand real conversations. This is why you can’t understand American TV and movies.

School English is not real English. School English is English written incredibly formally. That is not how we speak in the real world!

How to practice conversational English?

Youtube has huge English videos that can help you to learn English pronunciations and conversational English. Youtube is not only a video site but also a great language studying site. You could spend all day even all year on it. But huge resources are not a good thing, you need a tool to assist you.

YThi.net uses Youtube API to gather English transcripts from Youtube and organized them for you. If you don’t know how to pronounce an English word in real conversation, or you want to know how to use a word in real conversation. Just search those words or sentences on YThi.net, YThi.net will show all those in real conversation on Youtube. Then, you watch it and practice.

Enjoy it!