h1 Understanding Mall vs. Maul

March 21, 2024
h1 Understanding Mall vs. Maul

h1 Understanding Mall vs. Maul

h1 The Difference Between ‘mall’ and ‘maul’

The word ‘mall’ comes from an old English word meaning a shaded walk or public promenade. It turned into a word for a big shopping center with lots of stores. The word ‘maul’ comes from Latin and Old French words that mean “hammer.” It’s used to describe a severe beating or attack.

**How to Use:**
– ‘Mall’ is used for a big shopping place with stores.
– ‘Maul’ is used when talking about a physical attack or harm.

**Trick to Remember the Difference:**
“Mall” has two l’s, like the two levels in a shopping center. “Maul” has a ‘u’ like in ‘hurt,’ which happens in an attack.

**Examples for ‘mall’:**
1. I’m going to the mall to buy some new shoes.
2. The mall was crowded with people looking for Christmas gifts.
3. She loves to eat at the food court in the mall.
4. The mall has a big movie theater that shows all the latest films.
5. We found a bookshop in the mall that sells rare books.

**Examples for ‘maul’:**
1. The bear tried to maul the hiker in the woods.
2. The dog started to maul the toy as soon as it got it.
3. The angry mob tried to maul the thief before the police arrived.
4. The robber used a hammer to maul the door and break into the house.
5. The injured player was mauling on the ground after a rough tackle.

So, remember, if you’re going shopping, head to the ‘mall.’ If you’re talking about a vicious attack, use ‘maul.’ Keep the extra ‘l’ in ‘mall’ in mind and remember ‘hurt’ with the ‘u’ in ‘maul.’