Indiscreet vs. Indiscrete: Understanding the Difference

April 02, 2024
Indiscreet vs. Indiscrete: Understanding the Difference

Indiscreet vs. Indiscrete: Understanding the Difference

**Indiscreet vs. Indiscrete**

The words “indiscreet” and “indiscrete” may sound similar, but they have different meanings.

**Indiscreet** means not being careful about what you say or do, often causing embarrassment or problems.

1. She was very indiscreet by sharing my secret with everyone.
2. Speaking loudly in a library is an indiscreet behavior.
3. It was indiscreet of him to ask about her personal life in front of everyone.
4. Being indiscreet at work can lead to misunderstandings.
5. The politician’s indiscreet comments caused a scandal.

**Indiscrete**, however, means not divided into separate parts or not distinct.

1. The colors on the painting blended together, creating an indiscrete pattern.
2. The musician created a beautiful, indiscrete melody with no clear beginning or end.
3. In the fog, the trees appeared indiscrete, merging with the sky.
4. The concept of time can sometimes be perceived as indiscrete.
5. The artist’s brush strokes were intentionally indiscrete to evoke emotion.

**Trick to Remember**: Indiscreet is about being careless with secrets or actions, while indiscrete is about things not being clearly divided.

In summary, remember that **indiscreet** is about saying or doing things without caution, while **indiscrete** is about things being blurred or not separated clearly.