Understanding the Difference Between Compact and Contract

April 10, 2024
Understanding the Difference Between Compact and Contract

Understanding the Difference Between Compact and Contract

The words compact and contract are similar, but they have different meanings.

– Compact is used to describe something that is small and tightly packed.
– You can think of compact as something that fits closely together.
– An example of compact is a small car that can fit into tight parking spaces easily.

1. The makeup compact fits neatly in my purse.
2. The apartment is small but compact, with everything in its place.
3. The phone company offers a compact phone that is easy to carry around.
4. She bought a compact umbrella to keep in her bag for rainy days.
5. The hotel room was compact but cozy, perfect for a short stay.

– Contract is a formal agreement between two or more parties.
– You can think of a contract as a promise that needs to be followed.
– An example of a contract is when you sign papers to rent an apartment.

1. They signed a contract to buy a house together.
2. The company required him to sign a contract before starting his new job.
3. She reviewed the contract carefully before agreeing to the terms.
4. The contract stated that the project must be completed by the end of the month.
5. He broke the contract by not delivering the items on time.

– Compact means small and tightly packed.
– Contract means a formal agreement between parties.