Strived vs. Strove: Knowing the Difference

April 14, 2024
Strived vs. Strove: Knowing the Difference

Strived vs. Strove: Knowing the Difference

**Strived vs. Strove: Understanding the Difference**

Strived and Strove are two similar words that are used to talk about making an effort or trying hard to achieve something. However, there is a slight difference in how they are used, especially when it comes to their past tense forms.


– **Strived** comes from the Old English word “strifan” which means “to quarrel or strive.”
– **Strove** also comes from Old English but from the word “strīdan” which means “to quarrel or contend.”

**How to Use Them:**

– **Strived**: Present tense form of the word.

– **Strove**: Past tense form of the word.

**Trick to Remember the Difference:**

– Think of **strived** as happening now or in the future and **strove** as something that has already happened in the past.

**Examples of Using Strived:**

1. She always **strived** to excel in her studies by studying hard every night.
2. The team **strived** to win the match by practicing diligently every day.
3. He **strived** to be kind to everyone he met, spreading positivity wherever he went.
4. The students **strived** to meet their teacher’s high expectations by working together.
5. We are all **striving** to create a better world for future generations.

**Examples of Using Strove:**

1. Despite many obstacles, she **strove** to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.
2. The soldiers **strove** bravely to defend their country against the enemy.
3. He **strove** to improve his skills by attending workshops and training sessions.
4. The company **strove** to deliver high-quality products to its customers consistently.
5. The athletes **strove** to break their own records in the championship.


– Use **strived** in the present tense to talk about ongoing or future efforts.
– Use **strove** in the past tense to discuss efforts or actions that have already occurred.