A Tale of Memoranda and Memorandum

April 21, 2024
A Tale of Memoranda and Memorandum

A Tale of Memoranda and Memorandum

The Difference Between Memoranda and Memorandum

Memoranda and memorandum are words that are often used in business and official settings. Let’s explore the slight difference between these two words.


The word “memorandum” comes from Latin, which means “something to be brought to mind.” Initially, it was used for a written message or reminder. When there is more than one, the plural form “memoranda” is used.

How to Use Them:

When you need to write a note or message to remember something, you use the word “memorandum.” If there is more than one note, you use “memoranda.”

Trick to Remember the Difference:

Think of “memorandum” as a singular note and “memoranda” as multiple notes, just like how “one man” becomes “many men.”

Example Sentences for Memorandum:

  • My boss sent me a memorandum about the upcoming meeting.
  • Make sure to read the memorandum before the training session.
  • The memorandum outlined the new company policies.
  • Please attach the memorandum to the report.
  • She wrote a memorandum to remind herself about the project deadline.

Example Sentences for Memoranda:

  • I have to review several memoranda before the conference.
  • The memoranda on the notice board need updating.
  • These memoranda contain vital information for the project.
  • Can you distribute the memoranda to all the departments?
  • The memoranda from the legal team clarified the contract details.

Summary of Usage:

Use “memorandum” for a single note or message and “memoranda” for multiple notes or messages. Remember, “a memorandum” and “many memoranda.”