The Difference Between Your and You’re

April 26, 2024
The Difference Between Your and You're

The Difference Between Your and You’re

The difference between Your and You’re

Let’s look at two words that are easily mixed up but have different meanings: Your and You’re.


Your: This word has its roots in Old English and Middle English, meaning “belonging to you.”

You’re: This word is a contraction of “you are,” which started being used in the 17th century.

How to use them:

Your: Use “your” to show possession or that something belongs to someone.

You’re: Use “you’re” when you want to say “you are.”

Trick to Remember the Difference:

Remember, the apostrophe in “you’re” takes the place of the missing letter ‘a’ in “you are.” This can help you remember the difference.



1. Is that your book on the table?

2. Please pass me your phone.

3. What is your favorite color?

4. Did you finish your homework yet?

5. I like your new shoes.


1. You’re my best friend.

2. I think you’re right about this.

3. You’re going to do great in the competition.

4. You’re a very talented singer.

5. Are you’re siblings coming too?


Remember: “Your” shows possession or belonging, while “You’re” is the short form of “You are.” Use “Your” to say something belongs to someone and “You’re” when you mean “You are.”