Grey vs. Gray – Understanding the Difference

May 26, 2024

Grey vs. Gray – What’s the Difference?

Both “grey” and “gray” are words that describe a color that falls between black and white. It’s important to note that they refer to the same color but are spelled differently based on where you live. Let’s explore these words a little more!


The word “grey” comes from the Old English word “grǣġ,” while “gray” originated from the Old English word “grǣġ,” which is also related to German “grau.” These words have been used interchangeably throughout history and have evolved into the spellings we use today.

How to Use Them:

You can use “grey” or “gray” interchangeably based on your preference or where you live. In American English, “gray” is more commonly used, while in British English, “grey” is the preferred spelling.

Trick to Remember the Difference:

To remember the difference, think of “gray” having an “A” like America, and “grey” having an “E” like England!



  • The sky turned grey as the storm approached.
  • She painted her room in various shades of grey.
  • The old man’s hair was a distinguished grey.
  • Her eyes were a beautiful shade of stormy grey.
  • The cat’s fur was a soft grey color.


  • The color of the concrete was a light gray.
  • He wore a sharp gray suit to the wedding.
  • The paint on the fence began to fade to a dull gray.
  • Clouds covered the sky in a blanket of gray.
  • The teacher used a gray marker on the whiteboard.


Whether you choose to use “grey” or “gray,” remember that they both refer to the same color. Just pick the spelling that fits your location or personal style!