The Which and Who Show

May 27, 2024
The Which and Who Show

The Which and Who Show

The Difference Between “Which” and “Who”

History: “Which” and “who” are both pronouns in the English language. “Which” is used to refer to things or animals, while “who” is used to refer to people.

How to Use Them: Use “which” when talking about non-human subjects and “who” when referring to people.

Trick to Remember the Difference: Remember “which” has the word “hi” in it, so it’s used for things. “Who” sounds like “who’s there,” referring to a person.

Examples of Using “Which”:

  • The book, which is on the table, is mine.
  • Do you know which car belongs to Sarah?
  • Please choose the color which you like the most.
  • He couldn’t decide which route to take.
  • Can you tell me which movie won the award?

Examples of Using “Who”:

  • The girl who is wearing a blue dress is my sister.
  • Do you know who is coming to the party?
  • This is Sarah, who loves to sing.
  • Can you tell me who won the game?
  • The doctor who treated me was very kind.

Summary: Use “which” for things and “who” for people. Remember “which” for things with the word “hi” in it and “who” as in “who’s there” for people.