What does BSES mean? What is the full form of BSES?

The Full Form of BSES is Bombay Suburban Electric Supply.

BSES Limited is India’s premier utility engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Formerly, known as Bombay Suburban Electric Supply Limited, it was incorporated on 1st October 1929, for the distribution of electricity in the suburbs of Mumbai, with a pioneering mission to make available uninterrupted, reliable, and quality power to customers and provide value added services for the development of the power and infrastructure sectors.

BSES caters to the needs of 2.07 million consumers over an area of 384 sq. km. with a maximum system demand of approximately 1198 MVA. With 7 decades in the field of power distribution, the Electricity Supply Division of BSES has achieved the distinction of operating its distribution network with 99.98% on-line reliability and has a distribution loss of only 11.6% .

BSES was amongst the first utilities in India to adopt computerisation in 1967 to meet the increasing workload and to improve services to its customers.

With a view to optimally utilise trained manpower and expertise in the field of power, the company commenced contracting activities in 1966 by undertaking turnkey electrical contracts, thermal, hydro and gas turbine installations and commissioning contracts, transmission line projects etc.

BSES set up its own 500 MW Thermal Power Plant and the first 2 x 250 MW units of Dahanu Power Station were synchronized and began commercial operation during 1995-1996. A dedicated 220 kV double circuit transmission line network with three 220 / 33 kV receiving stations have been installed to evacuate the power to the distribution area of the Company. This demonstrates BSES’ in-house capabilities ranging from engineering, operation & maintenance of power plants and transmission and distribution systems.

BSES through international competitive bidding acquired an equity stake of 51% in three of the four Distribution Companies of Orissa. At present, BSES along with its subsidiaries provide electricity to more than 2.7 million consumers in an area covering about 1,23,000 sq. km with an estimated population of 34 million.

In July 2002, Delhi Vidyut Board unbundled into five sucessor entities ? the three distribution companies, a transmission and a holding company. Two of the three distribution companies have been handed over to BSES, and one to TATA POWER.

As a part of its active support to the privatisation process, BSES has recently acquired an equity stake of 51% in two of the three Distribution Companies of Delhi after unbundling and privatization of the erstwhile Delhi Vidyut Board. The two distribution companies, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited covering South and West areas and BSES Yamuna Power Limited covering Central and East regions provide electricity to around 17 lakhs consumers spread across an area of 900 sq kms (approx).



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What does BSES mean? What is the full form of BSES?
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