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What does DMX mean? What is the full form of DMX?

1, The full form of DMX is Data Mining Extensions. It’s used on Computing ,Programming & Development in Worldwide

Data Mining Extensions (DMX) is a query language use to create and work with data mining models in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

2, The full form of DMX is Dark Man X (Earl Simmons). It’s used on Society & Culture ,Celebrities & Famous in United States

Earl Simmons (Stage name: Dark Man X, DMX) is an American rapper and actor.

3, The full form of DMX is Dance Maniax. It’s used on Computing ,Games & Entertainment in Worldwide

Dance Maniax (DMX) is a game developed from a series of rhythm games known as Bemani.

4, The full form of DMX is Digital Multiplex. It’s used on Technology ,Robotics & Automation in Worldwide

Digital Multiplex (DMX) is a digital control protocol used by the entertainment industry to control lighting. DMX protocol is used to remotely control lighting dimmers and intelligent fixtures from a control console.