What does DTPC mean? What is the full form of DTPC?

The Full Form of DTPC is District Tourism Promotion Councils.

District Tourism Promotion Councils (DTPC) has been set up in all 14 districts of Kerala to provide constant aid and information to the visitors. These offices are equipped with tailor-made localised data which will help you plan your trip. With exact routes and information regarding area specific events, DTPCs ensure that there is always a place for our travellers to receive any help they need. Given below are the details for each DTPC office in each district of Kerala.

The District Tourism Promotion Councils (DTPC) have been formed with the purpose of fully utilizing the tourism potential of the State through sustained efforts and by coordinating various Government departments, voluntary agencies and others interested in travel and tourism.

The DTPCs have a governing body with district collectors as chairmen and members from among officials, people’s representatives and tourism experts nominated by the government.

Just like other DTPCs, the one at Malappuram mainly concentrate on tourism promotion activities like marketing of local products through private-public participation, improvement of quality, standards and evolving procedures for certification of all tourism products, sanitation etc. by working with local governments, heritage conservation and preservation, coordination of tourism clubs, creation of tourism awareness and preparation of host community, promotion of paying guest scheme, information dissemination and local basic infrastructure projects.



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What does DTPC mean? What is the full form of DTPC?
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