What does FVCI mean? What is the full form of FVCI?

The Full Form of FVCI is‍ Foreign Venture Capital Investor.

A Foreign Venture Capital Investor (FVCI) is an investor incorporated or established outside India who can invest either in a Domestic Venture Capital Fund or a Venture Capital Undertaking (Domestic Unlisted Company). Foreign equity player or Foreign Venture can also invest in India directly under FDI Scheme. SEBI has given certain benefits to the investors who are registered as an FVCI.

Certain restrictions are also imposed on use of funds for those who register as an FVCI.

Any company seeking registration under SEBI as FVCI shall make an application to the SEBI with the prescribed application fee. (USD 2500)

While considering an FVCI application, SEBI does review the applicant’s track record, professional competence, financial soundness, experience, general reputation, whether the applicant is regulated by an appropriate foreign regulatory authority or is an income tax payer, amongst other factors. SEBI then forwards its approval to the RBI, which then grants its approval.

The board after reviewing the application, if satisfied that the applicant is eligible for grant of certificate, sends the intimation to the applicant for registration. (Registration Fee – USD 10,000)



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Do you want to know What does FVCI mean? What is the full form of FVCI?. Are you looking for What does FVCI mean? What is the full form of FVCI? What is FVCI stand for? On this page, We talk about the various possible acronym, abbreviation, full form or slang term of FVCI. The Full Form of FVCI is‍ Foreign Venture Capital Investor
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What does FVCI mean? What is the full form of FVCI?
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