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What does SOZ mean? What is the full form of SOZ?

The slang term ‘soz’ is an abbreviated way of saying, sorry.

While it is an informal way to say I’m sorry, it should remain in the informal conversation. Use of ‘soz’ for other purposes than a flip I’m sorry, could actually be disrespectful to your friends.

Origin of SOZ
While a definite date of origin is hidden to the world, it has been added to the Cambridge Dictionary as an informal word for sorry. Social media seems to be the most often discussed origin of the abbreviation. The need and desire to abbreviate every word possible gave birth to ‘soz’.

Conversation Examples
Texter 1: I got a D!
Texter 2: On the math quiz?
Texter 1: YES!
Texter 2: Oh wow, I got a B.
Texter 2: soz