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Mardlaflor asked 3 years ago


我非常清楚,短语“Keep in Touch”的含义,但“Get in Touch”的含义究竟是什么意思?

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  • “Get in touch with me about that job.”  这意味着您希望此人在不久的将来给您打电话或与您联系。

    “Are you interested in moving to Arizona? I suggest you get in touch with their Chamber of Commerce. They’ll give you some information.”这意味着 “contact the Chamber of Commerce”。

    “Keep in Touch”。这意味着给我写一封信或偶尔给我打电话,让我知道你的情况。

    Out of touch”意味着你有一段时间没有联系过某人,你不知道他们发生了什么事。


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  • 例如,我可以说,我可以代替“touch”这个词来代替“contact”这个词吗?我可以用英语说吗?还有一件事

    Get/Keep in contact
    Out of contact

    你能举一个“Out of contact”的例子吗?

  • Get in contact with her.
    Keep in contact with me.
    We are out of contact with each other.

    都可以,你会理解的。我使用“touch”或“contact”。我更多地使用“contact”与我感觉不太亲近的人,例如:工作环境或学校环境。我和朋友更多地使用“touch”。如果朋友搬家,我会告诉他们“Keep in Touch”。如果我在学校做一个小组项目,我可能会说,“Get in contact with me, so we can decide when we both have time to work on this.”