Because 与 Since的差异以及使用方法解释

March 29, 2020






Because是什么意思? Because是一个连词。它通常表示两个想法或事件之间的逻辑联系。通常,此链接是因果关系。


* We aren’t allowed to have drinks in the computer lab anymore because too many people spilled coffee onto the keyboards.
* You are invited to my birthday party because I think you are a cool person and I want to hang out with you.
* Kushner faces potential trouble because he currently works in the White House and neglected to mention the encounter on forms he filled out for a background check to obtain a security clearance. –The New York Times

与通常的看法相反,以Because开头的句子是完全可以的,只要它是完整的句子并且您精心构造即可。 「Because I am cold」不是一个完整的句子,「Because I am cold,I will wear a sweater would work」这就可以了。


Since是什么意思? Since也是表示两个想法或事件之间逻辑联系的连词。这样,它有时可以是Because的同义词。


* We figured it would be OK to go to Donatello’s since we knew Brian wouldn’t be there.
* Many car parts are made of aluminum(铝), since aluminum is lighter than steel(钢).



* The pundit’s ratings have dropped since she stopped interviewing guests live on set.
* Ashley has not been to the gym since March.
* The decision of Robart, who was nominated by President George W. Bush and has been on the bench since 2004, was the most consequential because of its national implications. –The Washington Post




* Because通常表示比Since更强的因果关系。
* Since在事物具有时间关系时更合适。

Because与Since的比较:Since和sequential (顺序)的每个字母都以字母S开头,因此将Since与顺序发生的事件有关,这样记忆应该很容易。


是Because还是Since? Because和Since是描述想法或事件之间的逻辑关系的连词。

Since还可以描述两个事件之间的顺序关系。 Since的因果可能是模棱两可的,因此请谨慎使用。