Labeled 與 Labelled的區別

March 20, 2022


當你用它的名字或用途來標記某物時,你是在給它貼標籤還是給它貼標籤?是 Labeled 還是 Labelled?美國人會說你有 Labeled 它,而英國人會說你有 Labelled 它。


## Labeled 和 Labelled 有什麼區別?

在本文中,我將比較 Labeled 與 Labeled。除了在句子中使用它們之外,我還將討論一個有用的技巧,以幫助記住您是否應該在自己的寫作中使用標籤或標籤。

## 何時使用 Labeled

Labeled 是什麼意思?如上所述,Labeled 是這個動詞的美國拼寫。它的其他結合是標籤和標籤。它意味著用它的名稱或目的標記某物。


* The Star Tribune first reported about the mislabeled pills in a story published on its website late Saturday. –LA Times



* Michael occupies himself during boring conference calls by labeling folders in his file cabinet with stickers from the electronic label maker.


* The jocks and skaters at the local high school usually do not get along, but they banded together to protest the labeling of their cliques according to their preferred activities.


* By labeling his dwarfism as a charming quirk rather than a medical defect, Bryan was able to accept himself as a fully functioning, competent human.

## 何時使用 Labelled

Labelled 是什麼意思? Labelled 是同一個詞的英式拼寫。它可以用於上面討論的任何上下文,但應該用於英國而不是美國觀眾。


* Food packaging will be labelled to show how many teaspoons of sugar or salt are being added in a move made possible by leaving European Union, the Department of Health has said. –The Telegraph

The Telegraph 是一家大型英國出版物,因此他們在上面的示例中使用了拼寫 Labelled。

## 記住差異的技巧

這是記住 Labelled 與 Labeled 的有用技巧。

您應該為美國觀眾使用 Labeled/labeling,而應該為英國觀眾保留 Labelled/labelling。

考慮到 Labelled 有一個雙 l,您可以記住對英國觀眾使用 Labelled,就像英國城鎮 Cullompton、Ellesmere 和 Ferryhill 一樣。

## 概括

是 Labeled 還是 Labelled?標籤和標籤是同一動詞的替代拼寫。

* Labeled and labeling are the accepted forms in American English.
* Labelling and labelling are the accepted forms in British English.

您可以記住通過考慮 ll 來保留 Labelled 為主要為英國讀者設計的寫作。英國城鎮 Collumpton、Ellesmere 和 Ferryhill 也有一個雙 l,所以不難記住標籤,就像這三個城鎮一樣,是英國的。