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What is the meaning of [The pot called the kettle black]

A person tends to blame another for the faults he has himself.

The soot from an open fire blackens the kooking utensils placed upon it, and
the pot becomes no less blackened than the kettle. It has therefore, no right
to criticize the kettle, and neither have we the right to condemn others for
behaving the same way as we do ourselves.

> Mr Hardwick was standing at the window of his office when his visitor

> ‘See those workmen over there?’ he said. ‘They’re supposed to be mending the
road, but they’ve been standing round doing nothing for half an hour. I know
that for a fact, because I’ve been watching them.’

> ‘Really?’ said the visitor. ‘And how much work have _you_ been doing during
that half-hour? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!’