The first version of YThi was published

November 08, 2019

Hi all friends, My name is Falcon Murphy, I am not a native English speaker. I have been learning English for 2 years. It’s difficult to learn English as a second language, especially the English pronunciation, so I always learn English pronunciation in real conversation with Youtube. And I found this is effective to practice English pronunciation, Then I write this small tool and hope this tool can help you to improve your English skills.

What is is an online service that helps users to improve their English with real English conversation. gets real English conversation from Youtube and organizes them based their meaning.

Version features

The first version of have just done some basic functions. It includes:

  1. To query limited English words pronunciation. I am still collecting more words pronunciation. please be patient.
  2. Go to next/prev Video, play and pause video.
  3. To query English words definitions.
  4. Translate English words to your own language.