Slangs to up your cool quotient

January 06, 2020

Here’s a typical conversation among friends on the day of a test:

“Hey! What’s up? How’s your preparation for today?””Oh! I’m zonked… I was up almost all night cramming for the test. The theorems were driving me up the wall!”

For real? It’s just a class test though. Lighten up!”

“Yeah, I hope they don’t jack up the question standards. Last year’s was pretty easy, I heard.”

“Just try not to screw up too much and we can hang out after school. I really want to pig out at the new place around the corner.”

English slangs

English slangs

Notice how often we use slangs passed down from other cultures? The words and phrases highlighted are all American slangs that we use more or less regularly in common speech. The more globalised we get, the more we take up words prevalent in other countries and the American influence on the world’s culture and language is simply undeniable.