7 tips to teach you how to improve your spoken English

December 29, 2019

Everyone knows that the only way to speak fluent English is to listen and practice, but in fact, many people always meet various problems in the practicing, resulting in the effect of oral English practicing has been unable to come up, today here are some tips can help you improve your oral English learning efficiency and improve your oral English level.

7 tips to teach you how to improve your spoken English

7 tips to teach you how to improve your spoken English

I. Find a Spoken English Dialogue Partner

If you want to improve your spoken English, finding a spoken English conversation partner has been successful. This is very important, especially if you live with many people who can speak English or chat with local neighbors and informal opportunities, or join Clubs or volunteer organizations that can better integrate into an English conversation team so that they can have more opportunities for dialogue. After a long time, of course, your oral English will be better, of course, if you have the conditions, you can consider a personal teacher, or use IM tools to find some conversation resources that can participate in their English practice.

2, balance the amount of listening and speaking

When practicing speaking in dialogue, try to balance listening and speaking as much as possible.

3. Record your conversation exercises

Audio recording is a great way to make the most of conversations with native speakers. As you listen again, you can evaluate your pronunciation and pay attention to areas that need improvement.

4, immerse yourself in English learning

Another technique to improve your spoken English is to immerse yourself in it as much as possible, such as watching English movies and TV shows and constantly watching the same programs repeatedly to ensure that you can learn

5, Listen to English music

Listen to English music and sing along. Music is one of the best tools for learning intonation and pronunciation. Listening and singing can also help you remember words and phrases, and help you practice your English rhythm in a more natural and easy way.

6, Reading aloud

When you don’t have a conversation partner, reading aloud is a good way to practice speaking. Reading aloud gives you the opportunity to focus on pronunciation and rhythm without worrying about words.

7, Talk to yourself

Talking to yourself is a very effective way to improve spoken English. By speaking to yourself, you can translate your ideas into spoken English more fluently. Although it is practiced alone, it is also relatively stress-free.

In general, the 7 skills summarized in this article can help you better improve your spoken English. People can try to follow the steps to practice.