Pedal or Peddle: Feet vs. Street

March 22, 2024
Pedal or Peddle: Feet vs. Street

Pedal or Peddle: Feet vs. Street

The words “pedal” and “peddle” both have similar sounds but different meanings.

“Pedal” is mainly used with bikes and music.
1. I like to ride my bike and press the pedals with my feet.
2. Sam plays the piano with her foot on the sustain pedal.
3. The bike pedals were rusty and needed oiling.
4. He had trouble balancing on the bicycle pedals.
5. The organist pressed the pedal with her foot to create beautiful music.

On the other hand, “peddle” means to sell or promote something.
1. The man would peddle fruits and vegetables in the neighborhood.
2. She would peddle her handmade jewelry at the local market.
3. The salesman tried to peddle his wares on the street corner.
4. He decided to peddle his old books at the garage sale.
5. The company would peddle its products door-to-door.

To remember the difference:
– “Pedal” is for your feet, like when riding a bike or playing music with a piano pedal.
– “Peddle” is for selling things or promoting, like going around with goods to sell.

In summary, “pedal” is about things you do with your feet, while “peddle” is about selling or promoting items. Practice using them to get better at distinguishing them!