Understanding Incidence and Incidents

March 26, 2024
Understanding Incidence and Incidents

Understanding Incidence and Incidents

Difference between Incidence vs. Incidents

History: The word incidence comes from Latin, while incidents is derived from Old French.

How to use them: We use incidence when talking about the frequency of an event or situation. On the other hand, incidents refer to individual occurrences or happenings.

Trick to Remember the Difference: Incidence has the letter “e” like in “frequency,” which can help you remember that it is used to indicate how often something happens.

Examples of Incidence:

  1. The incidence of flu usually rises in winter.
  2. Studies show a high incidence of obesity in developed countries.
  3. Researchers are studying the incidence of cancer in different age groups.
  4. Did you know that there has been a decrease in the incidence of heart attacks in recent years?
  5. The government is concerned about the incidence of crime in certain neighborhoods.

Examples of Incidents:

  1. There were several incidents of vandalism reported in the area.
  2. She recalled the amusing incident that happened at the party last night.
  3. The police were called to the scene of the incident immediately.
  4. We need to document any incidents of bullying in the school.
  5. He couldn’t forget the embarrassing incident that took place at work.

Summary: Incidence is used for talking about the frequency of events, while incidents are specific occurrences or happenings. Remember that “incidence” has an “e” like “frequency.”