The Distinction Between Sulfur and Sulphur

March 29, 2024
The Distinction Between Sulfur and Sulphur

The Distinction Between Sulfur and Sulphur

The Difference Between Sulfur and Sulphur

Sulfur and sulphur are words that refer to the same element on the periodic table. But the way they are spelled can cause confusion for some people.


– Sulfur: This is the American English version of the word.
– Sulphur: This is the British English version of the word.

How to Use Them:

– Sulfur is used in American English.
– Sulphur is used in British English.

Trick to Remember the Difference:

– **Sulfur**: You can remember this version because it is spelled with just one F, like in “USA.”
– **Sulphur**: Think of this version as having “PH” like in “PHotos.”


– Sulfur: I smell the **sulfur** in the air near the volcano.
– Sulfur: My science project involves mixing **sulfur** with iron.
– Sulfur: The matchstick produced a strong smell of **sulfur** when lit.
– Sulfur: **Sulfur** is known for its distinct yellow color.
– Sulfur: The rotten egg smell is due to hydrogen sulfide, which contains **sulfur**.

– Sulphur: The **sulphur** mines in the UK are famous for their history.
– Sulphur: The alchemist was searching for the philosopher’s stone to transmute lead into **sulphur**.
– Sulphur: **Sulphur** is an essential element in the chemical industry.
– Sulphur: The yellow color of some gemstones is due to the presence of **sulphur**.
– Sulphur: The volcano emitted a cloud of gases, including **sulphur** dioxide.


Sulfur and sulphur are two spellings for the same element. The difference lies in their usage in American English (sulfur) and British English (sulphur). Remember, “sulfur” is the preferred American spelling with one F, while “sulphur” is the British way with “PH.”