Understanding the Difference Between Possum and Opossum

April 27, 2024
Understanding the Difference Between Possum and Opossum

Understanding the Difference Between Possum and Opossum

Possum versus Opossum: What’s the Difference?

Possum and opossum are two words that sound alike but mean different animals. Let’s learn the history and differences between these two words.


The word “opossum” originally comes from the Algonquian language, while “possum” is a short form of “opossum.” However, “possum” is commonly used in everyday language.

How to Use Them:


1. The possum climbed up the tree to find some fruits.

2. I saw a cute possum running through the garden last night.

3. My grandma says that possums like to eat small insects.

4. Possums have long tails and sharp claws for climbing.

5. The possum played dead when it felt threatened by the dog.


1. The opossum is a marsupial native to North America.

2. Opossums are known for their unique ability to play dead when scared.

3. I learned in school that opossums have pouches for carrying their babies.

4. Have you ever seen an opossum hanging from a tree branch?

5. The opossum’s diet consists of fruits, insects, and small animals.

Trick to Remember the Difference:

Remember, “possum” without the ‘o’ refers to the furry animal commonly seen in gardens, while “opossum” with the ‘o’ is the marsupial found in North America.


So, in summary, remember that “possum” refers to the furry animal, while “opossum” specifically denotes the North American marsupial with a unique defense mechanism. Keep this distinction in mind when talking about these unique creatures!