What does CIPA mean? What is the full form of CIPA?

The Full Form of CIPA is Common Integrated Police Application.

Cipa (Common Integrated Police Application) has been conferred with the prestigious THE WORLD IS OPEN AWARD 2008 award by the SKOCH & REDHAT for the year 2008. The award was given in the category – National, for the project CIPA: Common Integrated Police Application, developed by Cipa (Common Integrated Police Application).

A feature common to most of the early efforts has been a predominant focus on collection of data as required by the monitoring agencies and on specific functions such as records management, statistical analysis and office automation; rather than on police stations, which are the primary sources of crime- and criminals-related data generation.
In order to provide an application that supports police station operations and the investigation process, and that is common across all states and union territories, MHA had conceptualized the Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA) in 2004. It has been initiated as part of the “Modernization of State Police Forces (MPF)” scheme of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The aim of CIPA is to bring about computerization and automation in the functioning at the police station
with a view to bringing in efficiency and transparency in various processes and functions at the police station level and improve service delivery to the citizens. So far about 2,760 police stations, out of a total of 14,000+ police stations across the country, have been covered under the Scheme.
CIPA is a stand-alone application developed to be installed in police stations and to support the crime investigation and prosecution functions. CIPA is a centrally managed application: an application core centrally developed and is installed in police station. Any state-specific customizations are evaluated and made on a need basis.



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What does CIPA mean? What is the full form of CIPA?
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