What does Dept mean? What is the full form of Dept?

The full form of Dept is Department. It’s used on Academic & Science ,Language & Linguistics in Worldwide

In accounting, a department is usually understood to be a singular portion of a larger organisation

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The term ‘department’ can refer to a number of different things. For example an administrative division within a nation, a governmental ministry or even a part of an institution.

In this particular definition, we refer to the term ‘department’ as it’s used to refer to separate divisions of an organisation. Departments within a company can be organised around a number of different parameters – such as:

  • Their specific function
  • By products
  • By customers
  • By geographic location
  • Or by processes




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Do you want to know What does DEPT mean? What is the full form of DEPT?. Are you looking for What does DEPT mean? What is the full form of DEPT? What is DEPT stand for? On this page, We talk about the various possible acronym, abbreviation, full form or slang term of DEPT. The Full Form of DEPT is‍ Department
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What does DEPT mean? What is the full form of DEPT?
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