Understanding the Difference Between Right, Rite, and Wright

May 26, 2024

The word “right” means correct or the opposite of left.
Example sentences:
1. I guessed the answer right.
2. Turn right at the stop sign.
3. She is right about the math problem.
4. You have the right to speak your mind.
5. The right shoe is missing.

The word “rite” means a religious or solemn ceremony.
Example sentences:
1. The wedding rite was beautiful.
2. The graduation rite lasted for two hours.
3. The priest performed the burial rite.
4. The initiation rite was difficult.
5. The rite of passage was important for the tribe.

The word “wright” refers to a worker or maker, especially someone who builds or repairs things.
Example sentences:
1. My uncle is a shipwright who builds boats.
2. The wheelwright fixed the broken cartwheel.
3. The playwright wrote a new play.
4. The millwright maintains the factory equipment.
5. The carpenter is a skilled woodwright.

– Right: means correct or a direction.
– Rite: relates to a ceremonial act, especially religious.
– Wright: denotes a worker or maker, particularly someone who constructs or mends items.