What does IPPB mean? What is the full form of IPPB?

The full form of IPPB is India Post Payments Bank.

At India Post Payments Bank, we believe that a nation can grow when every citizen has an opportunity to prosper, regardless of their way of life. With simple, diverse and growth-oriented offerings, IPPB aims to provide every household in India an access to efficient banking services and enable them to become financially secure and empowered.

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) was setup under the Department of Post, Ministry of Communication with 100% equity owned by Government of India. IPPB was launched as a pilot project on 30 January 2017 in Ranchi (Jharkhand) and Raipur (Chhattisgarh), with the objective of being present across India by the FY 2018-2019. IPPB has expanded its strength across India covering post offices, through a network of 650 IPPB branches/controlling offices, working on a hub and spoke model.

IPPB will be leveraging the vast postal network of nearly 1.55 lakh post offices and 3.0 lakh postal employees in every district, town and village of the country to serve you. As we continue to expand our services to every doorstep, our postman will become your trusted financial services advisor, working hard to ensure that you get what you need – be it receiving your money in the fastest way possible, using it at ease for essentials, saving for your loved ones, or even investing for a bright future. For us, every customer is important, every transaction is significant, and every deposit is valuable no matter what the value.

That is what we truly mean when we say – Aapka Bank, Aapke Dwaar.

Last mile delivery of services through the postman – a son of the soil and a friend, philosopher and financial guide to the people.


Ease of banking:
IPPB integrates easily with the existing bouquet of post office services, extends the services though a frictionless shift.

The last mile delivery agent is empowered with financial knowledge and intuitively designed digital tools to offer financial services and guidance with relative ease.

Digital Ecosystem:

  • Macro Level
    IPPB’s 360-degree payments suite creates transparency, removes corruption and leakages and contributes to a less-cash economy.
  • Individual Level
    Provides customers with the ability to transact without cash through digital channels and enable small businesses to accept digital payments, thus closing the loop.



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Do you want to know What does IPPB mean? What is the full form of IPPB?. Are you looking for What does IPPB mean? What is the full form of IPPB? What is IPPB stand for? On this page, We talk about the various possible acronym, abbreviation, full form or slang term of IPPB. The Full Form of IPPB is‍ India Post Payments Bank
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What does IPPB mean? What is the full form of IPPB?
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