The Difference Between Ail and Ale

April 05, 2024
The Difference Between Ail and Ale

The Difference Between Ail and Ale

The Difference Between “Ail” and “Ale”

Long ago, English people used the word “ail” to mean “to trouble or afflict.” They might say, “My head doth ail me.” On the other hand, “ale” referred to a kind of alcoholic drink, similar to beer.

How to Use “Ail”:

“Ail” is used when something is bothering you or causing you discomfort. Here are some examples:

  1. My stomach ails me after eating too much candy.
  2. Her leg started to ail her after the long hike.
  3. Listening to loud music can ail your ears.
  4. Not sleeping enough can ail your body.
  5. Too much screen time may ail your eyes.

How to Use “Ale”:

“Ale” is a type of drink that people used to enjoy in old times. Here are some examples:

  1. At the medieval fair, people drank ale from clay mugs.
  2. The pub down the road serves the best ale in town.
  3. After a hard day’s work, the farmers would relax with a pint of ale.
  4. My grandfather brews his own ale in the basement.
  5. On hot days, nothing beats a cold glass of ale.

Trick to Remember the Difference:

One way to remember the difference is that “ail” has an “i” in it, just like “sick.” When you’re feeling sick or something is bothering you, use “ail.” For “ale,” think of it as a tasty beverage to enjoy.


Remember, if something is bothering you, “ail” is the right word to use. If you’re talking about a delicious drink, go with “ale.” Keep the trick in mind with the letter “i” in “ail” for when you feel unwell!