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What does PFP mean? What is the full form of PFP?

The definition of ‘pfp’ is ‘Picture For Proof’. You may also find ‘pfp’ meaning ‘Profile Picture’. It is exactly as it sounds, a person’s profile picture. The term is used most often in conversations about social media.

Origin of PFP
The world of social media has caused many slang terms to be developed. Now using ‘pfp’ as a way to say profile picture is one of the most definitive examples of that development over the years.
The term ‘pfp’ was first used in the birth of Instagram back in July of 2010. Instagram’s creator Kevin Systrom never knew just how big his simple photo-sharing app would become.

Conversation Examples
Texter 1: Did you hear about Jenny?
Texter 2: No, what?
Texter 1: She cut all her hair off!
Texter 2: WHAT! No way, it was so long.
Texter 2: What do you mean by all?
Texter 1: She shaved her head, it’s all gone.
Texter 2: No way, pfp?