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What does WH mean? What is the full form of WH?

The slang term “wh” means an abbreviated form of the words “what,” “when,” or “why.” It is used as an expression mostly of shock and confusion at the same time when someone says something that is both shocking and confusing. It is like asking the above questions, but being so surprised or bewildered that you can only make the first sound of the “wh” in any of the words. Which exactly is being asked needs to be determined by the context of the information that precedes the response.

Origin of WH
Although there is no specific origin information available about when this term began being used in this form, the sound “wh” make when they are put together has been in existence since the 1400s.

Other Meanings
The term “wh” in the world of gaming can also be an acronym representing the phrase “wall hack.” This is a hack that lets players in a first-person shooter see enemies and other things through walls. Another meaning is also an acronym representing the phrase “while high.”

Example Conversations

A text conversation between a father and son.

Father: Did you have a good day at school?
Son: No! I did not!
Father: Wh…?
Son: I got into a fight with my best friend and I think I might have broken his nose.