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What does PITA mean? What is the full form of PITA?

“PITA” stands for “pain in the a**”.
“PITA” = “P” (Pain) + “I” (In) + “T” (The) + “A” (A**)
“PITB” = “P” (Pain) + “I” (In) + “T” (The) “ “B” (Butt)

Other Meanings
“PITA” can also mean a type of Mediterranean bread or a person with pale skin that reminds a person of pita bread. It can also mean a vulgar expression referring to a sexual position, “put it in the a**”.

Example 1 using “PITA” as “pain in the a**” in an affectionate form
Teenager: Can Miley stay the night?
Mom: Omg you already have 5 friends over
Teenager: Last one. Pleaze?
Mom: You are such a pita. That’s it.
Teenager: Well Maddy wants to come too. Her mom said it has to be both.
Mom: No
Teenager: Pleaze?
Teenager: Pleaze?
Teenager: Pretty pleaze????
Mom: Fine. No one else. That’s final.
Teenager: OMG mom you’re the greatest!!! I luv you
Mom: Ily too