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What does LOML mean? What is the full form of LOML?

LOML is an acronym that stands for “Love Of My Life”. Being used as an adjective, LOML can be found on people, places, activities, or items. It doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic lover as for example a favorite ice cream flavor can be someones’ LOML. Same goes for a new model of computer or a celebrity. Typically LOML is used in a more jovial fashion, while the literal meaning does see plenty of usage.

Origin of LOML
LOML likely originated during the late 1990s and early 2000s on message boards and early text messages. Like all early acronyms it was developed for convenience, as spelling out four letters is a lot easier than four whole words. This is especially true when characters were limited. By the late-2000s, LOML had found widespread usage on social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram. Here the acronym was commonly posted under pictures of people, hobbies, places, etc.

Other Meanings
There is no other meanings recorded using the acronym LOML.

Conversation Examples
Friend 1: “I really think Jake is the LOML.”
Friend 2: “Gurrrl, you said that last week about Paul.”
Friend 1: “Yeah, but Jake is different!”
Friend 2: “You said that about Philip.”
Friend 1: “Well Philip was a weirdo!”
Friend 2: “I just think you use LOML too freely. Tone it down some, K?”