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What does HBIC mean? What is the full form of HBIC?

When you’re famous, you can make just about anything popular – including acronyms. “HBIC” is an acronym that gained its popularity due to Tiffany Pollard, also known as Miss New York, who stars in I Love New York and Flavor of Love. Miss Pollard certainly has no problem making sure people know who’s the boss when she’s around, which is why she became known as the “HBIC” – a title she’s proud to announce on TV.

Main Meaning of “HBIC”
“HBIC” stands for “Head Bitch In Charge.” It basically means that a female (bitch) is the one in charge. She is the final voice in decisions and nothing can be done without her say so. This phrase is often used to describe an alpha female or woman boss. The opposite of “HBIC” is “HNIC”, which stands for “Head Nigga In Charge”.