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What does POL mean? What is the full form of POL?

The acronym “pol” is used to represent the phrase “passed out laughing,” insinuating that upon its use someone found something so funny that they laughed until they were unconscious.

Other Meanings
In addition to the meaning stated above, “pol” also has some other meanings on the internet. As a term, the word is said to be short for the word “pollock” and “politics or politicians.” When surrounded by backslashes, /pol/, the term is known as the title of a group on the site 4chan called “Politically Incorrect” where users discuss world news, current events, and politics. “Pol” can also mean the Russian word for sex, as in gender, not intercourse. There are many other meanings mentioned also, but the ones defined here are the most prevalent.

Example Conversations
A text discussion between mother and daughter.

Mother: What is so funny, Mikayla?
Daughter: You should have just seen what happened on the bus?
Mother: Was it that funny?
Daughter: Yes! I almost POL!!