What does YB mean? What is the full form of YB?

The full form of YB is Yotta Byte

A yottabyte is a quantity of information technology for storage capacities or data volumes. The smallest electronic storage unit is a bit. It contains binary information – 0 or 1 – and therefore means “binary digit”. The largest digital storage unit¹ is a yottabyte – also known as a yotabyte, yobibyte, ybyte or yb.

What are the proportions between bit and yottabyte?

  • 8 bits – eight binary information – are one byte.
  • 1024 bytes are one kilobyte (KB, KBbyte).
  • 1024 kilobytes are one megabyte (MB, MByte).
  • 1024 megabytes are one gigabyte (GB, GByte).
  • 1024 gigabytes are one terabyte (TB, TByte).
  • 1024 terabytes are one petabyte (PB, PByte).
  • 1024 petabytes are an exabyte (EB, EByte).
  • 1024 exabytes are a zettabyte (ZB, ZByte).
  • 1024 zettabytes are a yottabyte (YB, YByte, Yobibyte).

For simplicity’s sake, manufacturers and professional articles use a conversion in steps of 1,000, so that 1,000 bytes represent one kilobyte and 1,000 kilobytes represent one megabyte. For a yottabyte, this would result in a deviation of more than 20%:

  • 1 yb = 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 bytes = 1024 bytes (with rounding)
  • 1 yb = 1 208 925 819 614 629 174 706 176 bytes = 280 bytes = 10248 bytes



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What does YB mean? What is the full form of YB?
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