Nay 與 Yay的區別

April 05, 2022



然而,當我們注意到 yea 有一個同音字 Yay 時,情況變得令人困惑。當我們說是時,我們是在表示同意還是興奮?


## Yay 和 Nay 有什麼區別?

在本文中,我將比較 Yay 與 Nay。我將在至少一個例句中使用這些詞中的每一個,以便您可以在上下文中看到它。

另外,我將向您展示如何使用助記符來幫助您更輕鬆地選擇 Yay 或 Nay。

## 何時使用 Yay

Yay 是什麼意思? Yay 是一種非正式的肯定感嘆詞,很像 hooray。它可以用來表示一個人的興奮或估計某物的一般大小。


* “We’re getting pizza tonight,” said Karla. “Yay! I love pizza!” replied Stephanie.
* Yay! My favorite author is releasing her latest book next week. I can’t wait.
* We should have enough materials here to finish the project. The dresser is only yay big.

## 何時使用Yea

Yea什麼意思?是用於表示贊成票(Yes vote)。


* “Do we want to order pizza tonight, yea or nay?” queried Angela.
* “All in favor of the new proposition to increase worker benefits, say yea,” instructed the chairperson.
* The measure passed the House of Representatives with 236 votes yea and only 199 votes nay.
* Amash immediately sprinted into the chamber and tried to put his card in the voting slot to cast his yea or nay, but the vote had closed. –Politico

## 何時使用 Nay

Nay 是什麼意思? Nay 用於表示不投票。對於馬發出的聲音,請改用 neigh 或 whiny。


* “Nay, stop the presses! The war is over!” exclaimed the harried journalist.
* “I vote nay on any resolution that damages the livelihoods of the people of Idaho,” said the Idahoan senator.
* A nay vote leaves in place the current tax rates for corporations doing business on US soil.
* But the latest “whip count” shows that more than two dozen GOP House members plan to vote “Nay” on the bill, according to a tally compiled by NBC News. –CNBC

Nay 也可以用來強調一個比剛剛使用的更合適的詞選擇。


* I will need two, nay, three new t-shirts.
* Any lawyer — nay, any politician — will tell you that if you aren’t asked to commit to a position, you shouldn’t volunteer one. –The Washington Post

## 記住差異的技巧

以下是 Nay 與 Yay 的基本準則,

* For a no vote, choose nay.
* For a yes vote, choose yea.
* Yay is an affirmative exclamation and is not used for voting.


* Yea and yes start with Y.
* Nay and no start with N.

這兩個詞很容易分開。但是,你如何區分 yea 和 Yay?這是更棘手的問題。

我記錄的方式是,是的,同意的表達,與是的只有一個字母,類似的表達。 Yay 用類似的表達方式分享它的最後兩個字母萬歲!


* Yea > Yeah
* Yay > Hooray!

使用此記憶工具,您應該始終能夠記住何時使用 Nay 或 Yay。有關是與是的文章,請參見此處。

## 概括

是 Yay 還是 Nay? Yay、yea 和 Nay 都主要用於語音,因此有些人在將它們翻譯成文字時會感到困惑。

* Yes 表示贊成票Yes vote。
* Nay 表示否定票No vote。
* Yay 是肯定的感嘆號,也與手勢同時使用,表示大小。它不用於投票。

Yes 和 yes 都以相同的字母開頭,Nay 和 no 都以相同的字母開頭。因此,在這些詞之間進行選擇應該很容易。