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What does ‘Fancy a cuppa?’ mean?

meaning: “Hey, how are you?”

Sure, Shakespeare was British, but modern-day Brits are decidedly less wordy. Long gone are the days where we would greet each other in the street with a formal “How do you do, Sir?” (while tipping our hats and waving our handkerchiefs in the air). Nowadays, your average Brit under the age of 40 is far more likely to greet their friends or loved ones with a curt “Alright?”

But don’t get your knickers in a twist. This greeting is simply an expeditious, modern version of “Hello!” The greeter is not asking you for an in-depth explanation of your well-being. An authentic “Alright?” can only truly be achieved if the greeter gives a slight nod of the head, while the word itself is to be voiced as a short groan — none of this “top-of-the-morning” chirpiness!

Not sure how to pronounce it yourself? Then listen to the master: Karl Pilkington.