The Difference Between Practice and Practise

March 16, 2024
The Difference Between Practice and Practise

The Difference Between Practice and Practise

To properly use words like Practice and Practise, it’s important to know their differences even if they sound the same. The history of these words can help us understand when to use them correctly.

**Practice** is a noun or a verb that indicates an action done regularly. It is mostly used in American English.

Examples of using **Practice**:

1. I need to **practice** playing the guitar every day to improve.
2. The ballet **practice** lasted for two hours.
3. Good **practice** leads to perfection.
4. She has a piano **practice** at 5 p.m.
5. **Practice** makes perfect.

**Practise** is more commonly used in British English and is a verb.

Examples of using **Practise**:

1. He decided to **practise** basketball after school.
2. She likes to **practise** her dance routine in the living room.
3. They should **practise** spelling words before the test.
4. Doctors **practise** medicine to help people.
5. It’s important to **practise** good manners every day.

**Trick to Remember the Difference:**
Remember, **Practice** with a “c” is more common in American English. On the other hand, **Practise** with an “s” is usually used in British English as a verb.

**In Summary:**
– **Practice** is a noun or verb in American English.
– **Practise** is a verb in British English.
– Both words imply repeating something regularly.

Hopefully, understanding the differences between Practice and Practise will help you use them correctly.