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What does FOOB mean? What is the full form of FOOB?

abbreviation of FOOB

1. Fool and Boob

2. Fell Out of Bed

3. Friends of Old Beijing (est. 2006; Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center; Beijing, China)

4. Failure Out of Box

5. First Order Of Business

6. Failure Out of Box

Possible slangs of Foob

1. A completely made up slang term that has never ever been used by any living human being other than Lynn Johnston in her horrible comic strip, For Better of For Worse. It is supposedly a hybrid of the word fool and boob.

April Patterson: “You’re such a foob, mom!”

Ellie Patterson: “Well, you were an accident.”

April Patterson: ::Stunned silence::

2. Noun: fool, boob, specifically a cross between a fool and a boob.

“That joe is a complete foob.”

3. (noun) a snack cereal

person 1: I want some cereal.

person 2: It’s 4 in the afternoon, you can’t have breakfast!

person 1: No, but I can have some foob!

4. fugly noob

patrick ho is a big foob

5. another reference to a “man tit.”

“Dude, did you see that guys foobs?”

6. Fat boobs (The boobs fat women have.)

Person 1: “Some fat chick was sucking my cock.”

Person 1: “At least I could touch her DD boobs.”

Person 2: “Those aren’t boobs, those are foobs!”

(Everyone laughs at Person 1)


1: Combination of foolish and noob( newbie). Insulting term used to convey inexperience and idiocy.

2: Conjuncative of “fucking noob”. Insulting term used to scorn inexperience. Usually used in competative games.

3: Combination of fool and boob. Used to denote foolish behaviour.

4: Fat boobs. Nuff said.

1:”Man you’re such a foob.”

2:”You Goddam Foob! You made me lose a point!”

3:”Don’t be such a foob.”

4:”Mmmm bouncy foobs.”