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What does MTR mean? What is the full form of MTR?

1, The full form of MTR is Mass Transit Railway. It’s used on Transport & Travel ,Rail Transport in Hong Kong

Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is the rapid transit railway system in Hong Kong.

2, The full form of MTR is Mavalli Tiffin Room. It’s used on Business ,Companies & Corporations in India

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR) is the brand name of a food-related enterprise located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

3, The full form of MTR is My traceroute. It’s used on Computing ,Sofware & Applications in Worldwide

MTR (My traceroute, originally called Matt’s traceroute) is a software utility which combines the network mapping abilities of traceroute and the packet loss and round trip time testing capabilities of ‘ping’. The original MTR, known as “Matt’s traceroute” was written by Matt Kimball in 1997. Later is renamed to “My traceroute” in October 1998.

4, The full form of MTR is Military Training Routes. It’s used on Governmental ,Military in United States

Military Training Routes (MTR) are aerial corridors across the United States established for the conduct of military flight training, faster than the maximum safe air-speeds.