What does NCAER mean? What is the full form of NCAER?

The full form of NCAER is National Council of Applied Economic Research.

The Economic Research Center (ERC) at The Buckeye Institute provides reliable economic research, data analysis, and econometric modeling at the state level.

Costs come with any public policy. To understand how even small policy changes affect state budgets, citizens’ pocketbooks, and individual behavior, the ERC provides state think tanks, legislatures, and governors detailed reports, models, and econometric simulations on:

  • energy policies;
  • government spending programs;
  • health care;
  • labor market mandates; and
  • various levels of taxation.

Many states, including Ohio, have neither the staff nor resources to perform such thorough assessments on the costs imposed by major public policy issues. Through the ERC, The Buckeye Institute serves and meets this critical nationwide need.


The National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) was founded in 1956 as an
independent, board-run body to give support to both the government and the private sector in empirical
economic research. NCAER today is a community of approximately 200 staff, about 120 of whom are
involved directly in research and the remaining in support activities. A broad theme that permeates the
Council’s current research activities is the progress of India’s economic reform programme and its
impact on agriculture, industry and human development. An emerging focus is rigorous evaluation of
major government public expenditure schemes in the social sector, at both state and Union levels, and
the impact of globalisation on gender and the informal sector.
The chief executive of the Council is its Director-General and its members include state governments,
public sector corporations, corporate houses and other associations and institutions. The Governing
Body is elected by the members and includes prominent persons from the government, industry and
academia. The bulk of the Council’s revenues comes from studies done under contract for clients in the
government, the development community and the private sector.
Profile of the Director-General
The current Director-General, Mr. Suman Bery, took charge on January 1, 2001. Prior to this
appointment Mr. Bery was at the World Bank in Washington, DC, USA, where h e held a number of
positions in economic analysis with a particular focus on Latin America. Between 1992 and 1994 Mr.
Bery held the position of Special Consultant to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), based
in Mumbai. While at the RBI, he was actively involved in developing proposals for the reform of the
government debt markets; linkages between general financial sector deregulation and the development
of the bond market, as well as issues of market structure, drawing upon the experience of other
developing countries.
Mr. Bery holds an undergraduate degree from Magdalen College, Oxford. His graduate work was at the
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, from which he
holds the degree of Master of Public and International Affairs. His PhD dissertation research (also at
Princeton) was on the monetary policy instruments of the Reserve Bank of India. Mr. Bery’s
publications include papers on Indian financial sector reform; reform of public sector banks; banking
crises in Latin America; and the political economy of economic reform in developing countries.



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What does NCAER mean? What is the full form of NCAER?
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