Differences Between Pretence and Pretense

March 18, 2024
Differences Between Pretence and Pretense

Differences Between Pretence and Pretense

pretence vs. pretense

History: Both words come from the Latin word ‘praetendere’ which means ‘to stretch forth’ or ‘to put forward.’

Usage: ‘Pretence’ is used in British English while ‘pretense’ is more common in American English. They are both used to express a false appearance or action.

Trick to Remember the Difference: The spelling with the ‘c’ in ‘pretence’ can help you remember it is British English like ‘centre,’ while ‘pretense’ with an ‘s’ is like other American English spellings.

Pretence Example Sentences:

  1. She kept up the pretence of being sick to skip school.
  2. His smile was merely a pretence to hide his true feelings.
  3. The politician’s apology seemed like a pretence to gain public sympathy.
  4. Don’t be fooled by her pretence of happiness; she is actually feeling sad.
  5. He made a pretence of listening while scrolling through his phone.

Pretense Example Sentences:

  1. His pretense of confidence fooled no one in the room.
  2. She put on a pretense of interest in the topic during the meeting.
  3. They maintained the pretense of being friends even though they hadn’t spoken in years.
  4. Her pretense of surprise at the party was convincing to most guests.
  5. He used humor as a pretense to cover up his nervousness.