March 14, 2020


同音字和近似同音字单词可能相似,但有时它们甚至完全不是看起来相拟的单词。 Are和Our就是这种情况。



Are是什么意思? Are是动词。是动词的现在时,表示存在或参与某物。它在英语中非常常见,因为它可以单独使用或用作辅助动词。

Are是第二人称单数形式,第一,第二和第三人称的复数形式。 Are这里是一些例句。

* Robert, you are insufferable when you talk about sports.
* We are so happy that you could join us for lunch today.
* You people are the best audience I’ve ever had, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
* The Martians are everywhere!
* Taxpayers will be on the hook for most of that amount because they are government-backed loans; ITT currently has about $90 million set aside to cover forgiven loans. –The Wall Street Journal


* You are going to clean your room, and you are going to do it now.
* Saoirse and I are having a small, intimate ceremony with family and a few close friends.
* You are deluding yourselves if you think you can take two out of three against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.
* The Martians are attacking us with ray guns!


Our是什么意思? Our是第一人称复数所有格代词。它通常用作形容词代词,这里是Are的一些示例。

* Our flight boards at 10:15am.
* This land is our land.
* We are going to build our house using sustainable materials.
* We often spend our own money to buy supplies and books for our classrooms, and we spend hours of our own time after school talking to our students, grading papers and completing mountains of paperwork required to justify keeping our jobs for another year. –The Washington Post


* Are是动词,而Our是所有格代词。

Are是重要的auxiliary verb(辅助动词)。由于Are和auxiliary都以字母A开头,因此可以使用这种相似性来记住Are是动词。


是Are还是Our? Are和Our是同音字,但它们实际上完全不同。

* Are是动词。
* Our是所有格代词。