Hear 与 Here的区别

March 05, 2022

在英語中區分同音字可能很棘手,在這篇文章中,我想談談兩個同音字 Here 和 Hear。


## Here 和 Hear 有什麼區別?

今天,我想在一個句子中討論這兩個詞之間的區別,它們的功能,並為您提供將來區分它們所需的內容。讀完這篇文章後,你不應該再把 Here 和 Hear 混為一談了。

## 何時使用 Here


* Can we stop here for a bathroom break? (副词)
* We’ll stop the meeting here so everyone can get home early. (副词)
* This car here is stolen. (形容词)
* The problem here is that no one knows how to get home. (形容词)
* “Here, in 140 characters or fewer, is some free advice for Twitter’s next chief executive.” – The New York Times (名词)

如您所見,所有這些用途都與某物的位置有關。換句話說,Here 是你在哪里或某物在哪裡;這絕不是你做的事情。

## 使用 Here 的流行短語

有相當多的短語和習語包含了Here這個詞的使用。 Here 是其中的一部分。

* Here and now.
* I am focused on the here and now.
* Here and there.
* I decorated the house for Christmas with lights here and there.
* Here goes.
* I’m not sure what will happen after this but here goes.
* Here’s to something/someone.
* Here’s to the bride and groom; may their love never fade away.
* Here today, gone tomorrow.
* The artist has little talent and will likely be here today, gone tomorrow.
* Here we go again.
* After the fight broke out, all I could think was, “Here we go again.”
* Neither here nor there.
* Whatever the dispute was is neither here nor there. The actions that took place after are of concern.

## 何時使用 Hear

Hear 是與感知聲音的能力有關的動詞。它可以用作及物動詞和不及物動詞。

* Can you hear my voice?
* I heard they got engaged.
* I have not heard from her lately.
* I heard about your surgery.

## 使用 Hear 的流行短語

與 Here 的情況一樣,有很多短語包含單詞 Hear。 Here 是其中的一部分。

* Hear, hear. (Also, hear! hear!)
* We deserve better than to be treated this way. Hear, hear!

一個常見的拼寫錯誤是將 Hear、Hear 與 Here 拼寫,即 Here、Here。這是不正確的。

* Never hear the end of.
* That happened one time, and you never let me hear the end of it.


在這些單詞中隱藏著一個很棒的記憶技巧,對於確定您是要使用 Here 還是 Hear 非常有幫助。

如果您查看單詞 Hear,最後三個字母拼寫為 ear。由於您是用耳朵Hear,因此這是記住Hear 與聲音有關的好方法。

同樣,如果您查看單詞 Here,它會拼出該單詞的最後四個字母,這兩個字母都與位置有關。


## 概括



Hear 與聲音和人的感知能力有關。